Conan O’Brien Is All Good. But Carrot Top Kinda Needs You


By now we’re sure you’ve heard that redhead of the moment and man of the people Conan O’Brien has found himself a new employer, and a new eight-figure salary, compliments of TBS. Come November, he’ll be back on the small screen.

Which just goes to show that you can surmount just about anything, if you try really hard and accrue a cozy coterie of, say, more than 986,800 loyal Facebook fans. (By the way, what you all did for Betty White, well, let’s just say we haven’t felt that warm and snuggly since animal control rescued the raccoons in our chimney when we were just wee ‘uns.)

But now that Conan’s moving on to greener, moneyed shores (and Betty’s hosting SNL) who will Americans stand behind and fight the good digital fight for? We need a purpose. Otherwise we tend to overindulge on Beverly Hills 90210 reruns.

Well, there is another redhead who could use a bit of help, now that you mention it.

Um, his name is Carrot Top, and he needs props. Because “it’s not easy always coming up with the best prop.”

Get out your zip ties, your duct tape, your crazy glue and come up with something that you think Carrot Top would use in his show at Luxor Las Vegas. Oh, and one more thing: NO PUNS!!!

We know a cry for help when we read one. You have until May 1. And while you’re at it, become his Facebook fan. Anyone who hates puns that much is hanging on by the merest of threads.