Does Avatar Mock Hindus?


That’s what steamed reader Satish Bhardwaj said in a letter to me.

He writes:

“I’m a Hindu who has lived most of his life in New York city, first as a permanent immigrant and then as a U.S. Citizen. I believe that the producers of Avatar are mocking Hindus. If they had mocked Muslims, the Muslims would have put death sentences on all the people associated with Avatar.

“To explain to you why I believe the Avatar producers are mocking Hinduism, the character in Avatar would not be called an Avatar by Hindus. The Hindus would call him a Bhainse (a disguise). An Avatar is not a disguise. An Avatar is a brand new person who existed as another person in another era.

“These two persons [have] a common Soul. The other person does not exist at the time Avatar lived or lives. His soul had a different body different who grew from one cell. This person had a different name and different sets of parents in another era. If he came to have the same name in a subsequent era it would be a coincidence and it is highly unlikely that he would have the same set of parents that the person he is the Avatar of.

“His parents may also have avatar in this era, but it is unlikely that they would be the ones to give birth to him second, third, fourth time or every time he has an Avatar. Yes a person may have an Avatar in several different eras until he reaches Nirvana. Then he would cease to have an Avatar. That is not what the Avatar in the movie Avatar is doing. He is just masquerading as another person. Both persons live simultaneously. This is a mockery of Hinduism.

“By the way people around the world mispronounce Avatar. Avatar is a Hindi Word and was written as Avatar by British people that Indians call Angraize. It is correctly pronounced as Avtar (without an “A” after “V”).”

Got it, folks? Good. Now hush your Parashurama.