Here’s A Handy New Orleans Reference Guide To The Awesome Pilot Episode Of Treme You Watched Last Night


So David Simon’s post-Katrina New Orleans drama Treme premiered last night on HBO — our comprehensive, local’s-eye-view feature is here — and though it might not be perfect (agree with this, for starters), it must be said that this is a music lover’s dream: Wendell “Bunk” Pierce playing trombone with the Rebirth Brass Band! Steve Zahn antagonizing his uppity neighbors with Mystikal’s “Shake Ya Ass”! Kermit Ruffins, as himself, playing a gig with Elvis Costello, as himself, in the audience! But for those who need a primer on names, faces, songs, and fleeting references, the local Times-Picayune is offering a weekly cheat sheet, discussing everything from the theme song (“Treme Song,” by John Boutte) to “The Relativity of Misery.” Anything you didn’t understand, they’ll be happy to explain to you. It might not be The Wire, but Bunk never got to play trombone.