If You’ve Been Wondering What Happened To Parliament-Funkadelic’s Mothership… Well, Keep Wondering





Fascinating Washington Post article about trying to find the actual Mothership, the 20-foot-diameter aluminum saucer that used to descend during P-Funk gigs to the awe of crowd and band alike. This involves a trip to an actual junkyard or two (“CLANG!! The Mothership? No. Chrome toilet bowl”) and chats with lots of bemused P-Funk associates, including the poor promoter who had to find a place to stash the thing once the band went south and they couldn’t afford storage anymore. (“We had to find places to put stuff, including the Mothership,” Brooks says. So he stashed it in his mom’s two-car garage in Clinton, Md., for about six months — “long enough to make my mother [ticked off].”) He doesn’t find it, but that in itself is oddly comforting, no?