KFC’s Double Down Chicken Sandwich Review: I Ate It and Lived!


The much-touted KFC Double Down Chicken Sandwich finally arrives.

Cradled in your hand, it seems a rather paltry thing; indeed, the entire sandwich in its tiny paper chemise can barely fill the small cardboard hamburger box it comes in.

Compare the sandwich calling to you from the window with the actual sandwich.

Lift up the top breast piece — which surely must be a half-breast cut latitudinally, and find two very thick slices of gummy white cheese (though pleasantly flecked with jalapenos that have some heat), and two picayune slices of bacon — and not bacon of the thick, heavily smoked sort, either.

Indeed, the sandwich is an almost total dud. The chicken itself is stringy and none-too-tender, the taste of the cheese pointedly interferes with the mild chicken flavor, and the bacon is indiscernible if you bite down on the whole thing at once.

We worried that our Fork in the Road version of the sandwich would be inferior, but it turns out we had nothing to worry about. We pretty much nailed the sauce, too: a ketchup, mustard, mayo hybrid of no distinction. One thing, though: The sandwich by itself is so filling, you won’t need any sides. It’s probably not the worst $5 meal in town.

But the sandwich cries out for carbs!

A peek under the top “bun” reveals hella-small slices of bacon, and acres of white cheese. Cheese must be much cheaper than chicken.

Rating: 2 (out of 5) blechs