Melted Will Bring More Ruthlessly Compartmentalized Food to the Lower East Side


What is it about the Lower East Side that makes it so alluring to restaurateurs intent on riding into the neighborhood on one-trick ponies? To the roster of cannoli, meatballs, and poutine, we can now add cheese.

Bowery Boogie has learned that Melted, a restaurant that will primarily sell grilled cheese sandwiches, will be moving into the former Organic Avenue space at 101 Stanton Street. Per the owner, Warren Lau, who wrote in to the website, “I will be opening a grilled cheese restaurant in Organic Avenue’s old location. Essentially, it’s a grown up restaurant of what we loved growing up, grilled cheese.”

Also: “Not only will grilled cheese sandwiches be on the menu, cheese incorporated salads, appetizers, side dishes, and fresh ice cream AND gelato!”

Although it’s unclear if this means that the ice cream and gelato will also contain cheese, the menu will also feature stuff without cheese, like rib eye steak, baked salmon, and seared chicken. All of which means that this place is for sure going to be a hit with the vegans.