New Washington Square Park Bathrooms Eco- and Hookup-Friendly


It’s bathroom day in New York City. No, that’s not what we mean. But it’s some kinda coincidence that on the same day that amNewYork reveals the results of its six-month adventure into the bowels of hell spelunking for the best (and mostly worst) places to relieve yourself underground, the Observer informs us of the brand new fancy-pants-less, eco-friendly, room-to-move bathrooms that will adorn Washington Square Park come winter of 2011.

So, hooray! More places to poop in the city. And other things:

The men’s room, apparently long the site of amorous hook-ups, will even have a coupling-friendly, handicapped-accessible stall, along with three urinals.

We are, however, a bit concerned with the people in the architect’s rendering. Either Washington Square Park is also going to be a nudist retreat come winter of 2011, or they’ve been holding it for far too long.