T Poutine Appeals to Its Neighbors for Help in Getting Its Beer and Wine License


If you’re a restaurant located across Ludlow Street from the Dark Room and still can’t get a beer and wine license, you’ve got a serious problem. Such is the plight of T Poutine, the late-night purveyor of Quebecois cheese curds, fries, and gravy. The shop, which has been open for over a year, had its application for a license rejected by Community Board 3 last month due to noise complaints and lack of neighborhood support. So its owner, Thierry Pepin, is taking a more proactive approach to winning hearts and minds (or at least livers) in time for the next CB3 meeting on April 19. We found the above sign posted across the street from T Poutine this weekend, assuring neighborhood residents that “our goal is to maintain harmony amongst our neighbors, and hopefully become a neighborhood staple.” The full text of the letter appears after the jump:

Dear neighbors,
As most of you know, we opened the restaurant T Poutine, located at 168 Ludlow, about seven months ago. Coming from Montreal, we are proud to serve the French Canadian national Dish, Poutine. Since opening we are pleased to have some of you as regular customers, making us feel welcome and a part of the community. As a small LES business, our goal is to maintain harmony amongst our neighbors, and hopefully become a neighborhood staple.

We are currently applying for a beer and wine license through the community board. During this process, we were informed there were a couple of complaints back in the fall 2009, concerning the noise of the late night business hours. Since that time we have taken the following steps to correct this problem:

— All speakers were lowered from the original ceiling height.
— Speakers at the back of the restaurant are turned off after midnight, as well as reducing the base volume.
— Back door to remain closed and access limited to only dropping the garbage (which shouldn’t be more than once or twice per night)
— Cigarette breaks are no longer permitted in the backyard

With spring here and summer fast approaching, we would like to reach out to our neighbors and continue to find ways for us to continue to work together. We would like to hear from you with any comments, questions or concerns.

Please feel free to contact us with suggestions or ideas on how we can continue to be a valuable and contributing business in the neighborhood.

T Poutine
Thierry Pepin