Tonight! LCD Soundsystem, Dorian Wood, El Haru Kuroi, Mi Ami, And Ben Folds


James Murphy, a/k/a the Musto-bashing raconteur known as LCD Soundsystem, takes over Webster Hall tonight for yet another “secret show.” Should you fail to snag a ticket, head to Le Poisson Rouge for the quivering break-up folk of Dorian Wood (who has been known to moonlight as a sultry break-up donkey) and the brazen mariachi punk of El Haru Kuroi. (Thanks to last month’s free Spanish lesson, you’ll understand Kuroi’s lyrics with unprecedented ease.) At the Cake Shop, Mi Ami will present their “post-world music,” a euphemism for rainstorms of distortion screeched over Afrobeat and the occasional ferocious femme yelp. Or, instead of hassling yourself with all these shows, you could always just Chatroulette-binge in hopes of receiving a personalized ode from Ben Folds at Town Hall.