Who Invented Spanish Olives?


I’m serious! Who’s the genius who first thought:

“If you take a minced pimento and stick it in the hole of a manzanilla olive, then throw in some water, salt, lactic acid, sodium alginate, guar gum, and calcium chloride, you’ve got the most delicious party treat since cocaine?”

The person, whether Spanish or not, was the world’s first culinary superstar!

Spanish olives happen to be delectable godsends, whether served on toothpicks at a friend’s house or scooped out of the jar in the sanctity of your own condo.

They are second only to Jell-O molds for their sheer invention and utter delight.

They are even more perfect than Peeps.

I am desperate to find out who invented them and either blow him or (if he/she is no longer with us) go to his/her grave and throw Jell-O at it.

Any ideas?