Your Monday Morning Links 04/12/2010


Good morning! In case you fell into a hole over the weekend (no judgments from us), here’s your list of what everybody will be talking about today:

• There was a 7-alarm fire at Grand Street and Allen (285 and 283 Grand) in Chinatown last night, bringing more than 250 firefighters and 60 fire department vehicles to the scene. “Three civilians, 10 firefighters and one medical worker suffered injuries, though most did not appear to be life-threatening.” The Lo-Down and Flickr have photos, and there’s video on BoweryBoogie. The cause is being investigated.

• Investigators are wondering why the pilot of the Polish president’s plane didn’t listen to air traffic controllers who told him not to try to land in bad weather in western Russia.

Toyota may have tried to keep information about possible defects in their vehicles from the government.

Governor’s Island now belongs to New York City (and possibly to NYU students of the future).

• A body was found in a gutter at Essex and Delancey, the Lo-Down reports. Possible victim of a hit and run?

• If you’ve always wanted to own a unicorn (or a flying-cat-angel thingy), the chance is now! An auction house in the U.K. is selling the mythical (taxidermied) creatures of Professor Copperthwaite, who was taxidermied (or at least fictional) himself.

• A guy on the Upper West Side is growing the world’s hottest chile.

• New Yorkers pissed about helicopter noise may get relief. Those subjected to feral cats have not so much luck.