A New East Village Coffee Shop Wants Former Gorilla Workers


The mass walk-out staged by disgruntled Gorilla Coffee workers last Friday was admirably ballsy, but if there’s one thing a trained barista knows, it’s that he or she probably won’t have to look far to find another job. Especially in a city where there is no shortage of coffee shops with a high turn-over rate. Case in point: there’s already a Craigslist ad seeking former Gorilla workers to staff a new East Village cafe.

The ad, posted yesterday afternoon, goes as follows:

“Seeking former Gorilla Coffee baristas/roasters/coffee-house employees we are looking for you!

A brand new establishment in the heart of the East Village promising to pay top dollar to former employees of Gorilla Coffee (in Park Slope).

We would love to offer you a new opportunity at a new coffee house which promises fair management.

Please respond with a resume as well as the time period that you were employed at Gorilla.”

EV Grieve guesses that the “brand new establishment” in question is New York Film Academy Cafe, which is soon to open in the former Starbucks on St. Marks and as of today posted a sign reading “Experience [sic] Barista Wanted.” With any luck, its management has studied the fine art of employee relations, if not grammar.