Airline Food Gets Upgraded; Double Down Reviews Abound


Our Man Sietsema wasn’t the only one who tried KFC’s Double Down Sandwich (and lived). The Times‘ Sam Sifton weighs in on the abomination, and Nation’s Restaurant News deconstructs KFC’s approach to marketing it. [NY Times] [Nation’s Restaurant News]

As free food on economy flights has now gone the way of the dodo bird and passengers are forced to pay for their meals, airlines are looking to offer tastier in-flight fare. [NY Times]

Michael Moss and members of The New York Times staff won the Pulitzer Prize in Explanatory Reporting for a piece on food contamination. [Food Safety News]

In Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution, children are not only being taught how to eat, but are being introduced to basic utensils for the first time. [Huffington Post]

Jamba Juice is celebrating its 20th anniversary with a buy-one-get-one-free offer, several value-priced Feel Good Specials, and a new Five Fruit Frenzy smoothie. [Nation’s Restaurant News]