Down With Subway Swine, Says Blogger


Full disclosure: We hate it when people eat on the subway. It grosses us out even more than a subway bathroom, likely because we’ve never actually ventured into a subway bathroom, but we have seen multiple people eating multiple foodstuffs al tren. (If one were to eat, however, in a subway bathroom, that would test the outer limits of grossness, and we would probably expire post-haste upon sight of such horrors.)

Not that we’re so finicky, per se, but there’s something about the recycled underground air, the narrow metal tubes that function as human transport containers, the way farts (not your own, of course) and other unpleasant aromas just seem to hang out while you’re hurtling from 96th to 72nd Street…

Food should not be added to that mix.

Thus, we must suggest firmly and authoritatively that unless you’re really, really, really about to pass out from low blood sugar or die of starvation imminently you should in no way attempt to eat on the subway. It’s just not sanitary. And it smells. And nobody wants what you’re having.

Imagine our delight when we learned, thanks to amNewYork, that a Brooklyn blogger has taken up our cause. Which we appreciate, busy as we are. That fine young activist is the anonymous 34-year-old TV broadcaster behind TrainPigs (his employers don’t like his website, but we ask, who are they to judge?), where he’s collected an array of photos (shot secretly with his camera phone) of said pigs in the act.

Whether this documentation shames pigs into better behavior, allows the rest of us to handily mock them, or simply captures a glimpse into pigdom for posterity, we applaud the effort. As does the MTA.

According to MTA rules, drinking anything in an open container is illegal, and those caught doing it can receive a $25 fine. Eating is not banned, but it is discouraged “because food that falls to the floor may attract vermin,” NYC Transit spokeswoman Deirdre Parker said.

And it’s gross.

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