Enjoying that Veggie Burger? It May Contain Chemical Residues


Does this veggie burger contain hexane or not? Check the list to find out.

Mother Jones reports that a study by Wisconsin’s Cornucopia Institute reveals that many popular brands of soy-based veggie burgers contain residues of hexane, a poisonous solvent extracted from petroleum.

It seems that many consumers who seek out soy burgers are looking for not just a vegetarian product, but a low-fat product, too. As a result, many manufacturers of veggie burgers remove the fat from the soybeans before making the burgers. The cheapest way to do that is by immersing the beans in hexane, a solvent that has been shown to have deleterious health effects that include skin irritation and neural disorders.

Veggie burgers labeled “organic” are not allowed to contain hexane residues — but here’s the rub — if they’re labeled as “containing organic ingredients,” your burger may still be a toxic chemical free-for-all.

Even worse, many baby formulas also contain hexane residues. It just goes to show, anytime manufacturers tout something as “healthy,” you should turn and run. It also goes to show you should be making your own veggie burgers.

The list of safe and unsafe veggie burgers:

Burgers Made With Hexane

Amy’s Kitchen
Boca Burger, conventional
Franklin Farms
Garden Burger
It’s All Good Lightlife
Morningstar Farms
President’s Choice
Taste Above
Trader Joe’s
Yves Veggie Cuisine

Burgers Without Hexane

Boca Burgers “Made with organic soy”
Helen’s Kitchen
Morningstar “Made with organic”
Superburgers by Turtle Island