Just Admit It, You’re Really Excited to Hear Hole’s Nobody’s Daughter. Good Thing There’s a Listening Party Tomorrow at Angels and Kings


Courtney Love isn’t entirely feeling this whole performing live thing anymore. The recent incarnation of Hole played three shows at SXSW–the first of which, the Spin 25th anniversary performance was pretty bad-ass, haters be damned–but her Holeness was miserable. “In Austin, I hated every minute of it,” she says in this oddly compelling video interview. “I had a little implosion down there, a little bit of a nervous breakdown.” Not out of character, but perhaps doing what Love described as “the worst show I’ve ever played” in front of Larry Flynt homie Woody Harrelson and his puff-brother Matthew McConaughey, will do that to  you. Truth be told, the far-worse opener of that second Hole show–which was better than Love made it sound–was a very skinny, very awkward Patrick Stump, who in his solo live debut, managed to unplug his guitar in the middle of a song and abort the performance after only three songs. Even the footage is uncomfortable to watch.

Love and Stump’s connection is they’re currently both represented by Crush Management, the artist-rep firm who oversees Panic! at the Disco, The Academy Is. . ., Fall Out Boy, and now Courtney Love/Hole. And so this is why the listening party for the new Hole record Nobody’s Daughter will take place tomorrow night, 10:30, at Pete Wentz’s bar Angels and Kings. “It’ll be the first time the entire album will be played for the public,” trumpets the press release. Current Hole guitarist Micko Larkin will also be on hand to, uh, answer the “What is like to work with Courtney Love” question for the zillionth time, and stand there looking like a young Beck. If you’re lucky, maybe he’ll wear one of his Slash hats.