Liars+Fol Chen


Liars, lovers of the misdirection play, do it again on the sly, unnerving new Sisterworld, the trio’s fifth full-length. As luminous as a cave of glowing slime, Liars’ black magic shtick is their constant, warped allure. Mystery is key for Fol Chen, too. The LA quintet likes to use the question mark as a cheeky device. They wear masks, but we know they have faces. Their jams can be grainy, filtered, and full of low voices chanting over dead electric beats, but we know it’s really just pop music obscured. On their own or as savvy remixers, Fol Chen bite the tops off pixie sticks and pour all that glorious sugar into one formless, crazy pile. Bring a straw.

Thu., April 15, 8 p.m., 2010