Please Welcome Sherlock’s Daughter, New York’s Most Delightful New Transplants


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Sherlock’s Daughter is New York’s newest, awesomest band–“newest” as in, “they just moved here a few weeks ago.” Freshly imported from Sydney, Australia, Sherlock’s Daughter employ lush, speckled, swooping, diving slurpscapes that echo the snuggle-crackle of bands like Animal Collective and Broadcast, but with a poppier streak that aligns them with the sunniest of nu-indie. After spending a handful of years toiling in the Aussie underground, the entire band simply packed up and made the move over here after being invited to SXSW. The four boys now live together, commune-style, in a Bushwick loft and frontwoman Tanya Horo resides in “an Olympic swimming pool in Long Island City,” adding, “It needs a clean, but it’s pretty cool.” The band’s five-song EP came out last August. Its first single, “Kids,” is a glorious rush, full of distended noises, circuit-bent tweedles, joyous stomps and–of course–a massive, harmony-soaked chorus. Here’s to hoping they play with tons of shows with their new, like-minded neighbors Bear In Heaven, Dinosaur Feathers, and Twin Sister.

Download: [audio-1]

Sherlock’s Daughter frontwoman Tanya Horo on “Kids”

What is “Kids” about?

“Kids” was actually inspired by a dream I had about the Dolomites in Italy. It’s a bit freaky but in my dream the Dolomites were under water, and were actually a sad man. He only ever saw the sun through the reflection of his glassy world and wanted to feel it on his head. So his daughter drained some of the ocean for him so half of him was still immersed in water and the other half was forever in the glow of the sun.

What inspired its creation musically?

I love glitchy sounds. Crisp, crackly sounds that sound pure. We are all partial to that kind of music: Moondog, Xenakis, Animal Collective, Four Tet, etc. Combining the two seemed a good way to make the music visual as well as aural.

How did you make the slurpy sounds at the beginning?

A Line 6 pedal, a Gretsch guitar, some whiskey, and some good luck.

Tell me about your decision to move to New York.

We were here recently for CMJ and just fell in love with the city. It was never our intention to move to NYC. We were excited to get offered CMJ. After being here for weeks we met some amazing people, amazing bands, fell in love with the place, moved back to Sydney, found out we got SXSW and decided to just move.

Why was New York so appealing to you?

Well, I mean it’s New York. There is a lot of fantasy built around NYC when you’re younger, the sky’s the limit… When you get here you realize that it’s up to the individual to make it actually happen, of course, and it’s just the same as anywhere else in the world, but, there is a magic here. Maybe it’s the people, maybe it’s still in our heads, but we love being here.

What’s your favorite place to eat in New York?

Mama’s Kitchen!

Sherlock’s Daughter play tonight at Bowery Ballroom with Freelance Whales. The show is sold out, but if you are lucky enough to have tickets, show up early and catch them at 8:30 sharp!

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