Tanlines Offer a Guided Tour of the East Village


It’s actually not Tanlines but a fan who made the above video for “Reinfo,” a warbling little confection that can be found on the duo’s True Panther debut, Settings. The clip is addressed to a girl named Anna; “First, turn up the bass on the subwoofer next to your desk,” goes the chalk-written pitch. “Now I’ll show you some stuff around my neighborhood.” Romantic! Also, twee! The neighborhood turns out to be the East Village; Tompkins Square, 6th Street, and the venerable diner Odessa all make cameos. If ever you wanted to understand how someone young and probably in love listens to and likes a band like Tanlines, this is your entry into that headspace. Tanlines, for their part, liked it so much they adopted it as their own, turning an amateur’s lark into the song’s official video. [Stereogum]

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