The So-Called Eggplant Parm at No. 7 Sub


The eggplant parm sub–which contains no actual eggplant–is a miracle of flavor and texture.

Step into No. 7 Sub–spawned by a very well-regarded bistro in Ft. Greene–and find a shallow corridor in front of a large kitchen, where some amazing experimental sandwich making is occuring.

The eggplant parm, as you can see from this aerial view, is layered with BBQ potato chips and house-pickled jalapenos.

There’s a sandwich of rare roast beef dotted with pickled blueberries, and a turkey Cubano that sports pickled daikon and Chinese mustard, and a braised lamb sandwich on pappadam with mint jelly and peanut butter, but some of the best sub selections are vegetarian and even vegan.

The eggplant parm substitutes yellow summer squash for the Barney-like vegetable, layers it with fontina cheese for superior meltability, then adds BBQ potato chips for a subdued crunch, and, finally, pickled jalapenos to singe your mucous membranes. What could be better? 1188 Broadway, 212-532-1680

Quiet! Mad scientists at work.