A New App Lets Users Search Restaurant Health Inspection Scores


Restaurants in this town can’t get a break. First, the Board of Health votes to make it mandatory to post inspection grades, and now someone has designed a new iPhone app that lets users search through a database of restaurant health inspection results.

Pizza Rat, in its current form, is pretty basic — you enter the name of the restaurant you wish to dine at and the latest inspection score and violations information appears. You can bookmark the restaurant to keep up with any changes in score, which is about the only special feature, except for the amusing rat munching on a slice that entertains you as you wait for the app to retrieve a restaurant’s stats. For 99 cents, it would be nice to see a “browse” feature that allows you to search by score — or, for the extra morbid, by violation. Imagine that? A “roach” filter in the search engine? A user might never eat out again.