Ashley Alexandra Dupre’s Playboy Shoot: First Look at New York’s Most Dangerous Rack


On Friday, the Playboy issue that will essentially explain The State of New York Politics will go on sale, with Ashley Alexandra Dupre on the cover as May’s centerfold model. And we just so happened upon hi-res photos of the new issue from a well-placed source who “only reads it for the articles.” What you’re about to see has yet to be seen by the world.

We think the pictures are newsworthy, so we’re running them. For one thing, Eliot Spitzer, whose political career Dupre was more or less the catalyst for ending, is having a publicity revival. Spitzer spent last Thursday on the cover of the New York Times Style section, and as a host on MSNBC later that day. For another, we’re apparently gossip bloggers! And most importantly: “Boobs.”

So, without further ado, here’s the rack that brought down the governor. Not entirely NSFW, since we’ve covered up the top ladypart action on the first photo, and the bottom half on the second, although we’ve left the top half unadorned. So the first ones are much safer for work than the second half, but whatever, you can either look at nekkid people at work or you can’t, and you’re gonna sneak it, or you won’t.

Also, you might want to take a close look now, because God knows how long we have until the crinkly Hand of Hef comes down to snatch (pause) these away from us. And don’t forget MUST CREDIT BLOGS DOT VILLAGE VOICE DOT COM SLASH RUNNINSCARED. Click to enlarge. What you’re seeing is literally only half the picture.

Goes without saying, but, BOOM. For the record, that tat says “Tutela Valui,” which translates in Latin to “You wish, Joseph Bruno.” No, but seriously, the New York Times thinks it means “protector” or something. Again, click to enlarge. Beware, on the other side of that photo are totally unobstructed breasts.

And now you know why Eliot Spitzer isn’t our governor.

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