G-Train Riders Kinda Hating Life Right Now


Oh, the G-train. If you talk to your typical rider, G stands for any number of things before it implies actually Getting you anywhere — Grumpiness, aGgression, and Goddamn. is it not running this weekend, again?

Pity the poor G-trainer because there’s more where that came from. Per amNewYork, in addition to service cuts that will mean ending the line at Court Square in Long Island City (beginning June 27), now the G will stop running the full length of the line on April 19 (this coming Monday) due to track work, resulting in longer commutes for 201,000 evening and weekend riders.

Blast! This is said to come as part of a package to save $1.5 million, which is part of a larger MTA package bent on driving us all crazy (see: weekend F train).

Later this year, the G will be suspended entirely on weekends for a month in the spring and another month in the fall, with riders forced to take shuttle buses, according to Assemblyman Joe Lentol (D-Brooklyn).

But, we suppose things could be worse. You could, for instance, live in New Jersey, where transit officials just approved an unheard-of 25 percent increase for trains and New York City-bound buses. Or you might live in, say, Murray Hill.