Khloe Kardashian, Vagina Rights Activist, Channels Inner Steinem


Minor celebrity Khloe Kardashian — sister of sort-of-real celebrity Kim Kardashian (you know, of the butt fame) — went to bat today, literally, against the “conspiracy of fear and silence” that stops women from talking openly about their periods and vaginas.

(Hey, we’re all for free speech and female empowerment, but we wouldn’t mind you keeping that vagina monologue to yourself. Unless we ask, of course.)

The “conspiracy of fear and silence protest” turned out to be a Kotex-sponsored PR move dubbed the “Declaration of Real Talk Campaign.” Clad in a bootylicious skin-tight red dress, all out in the open on 23rd Street and Fifth Avenue, Khloe grasped a fake sledgehammer in her delicate hands and smashed a fake brick wall to smithereens in the name of women’s rights.

Because, you know, real bricks and sledgehammers are bad for our manicure.

Behind the smashed wall was a clean blue corporate backdrop emblazoned with inspirational phrases:

“I will respect my body and know my period is natural” … “I will respect my vagina and know it is not a dirty word.”

Of course, critics have pointed out that for years the feminine hygiene industry used advertising to actually make women think their private parts were dirty and thereby inspire sales. So this is — maybe — a step up?

People in the crowd of onlookers (at least some of them) chanted “Vagina!” while corporate women milled about in “Vagina is not a dirty word” T-shirts.

We heard a woman in the crowd whisper, “I love her hair! It’s soo cute!” and then Kardashian blew a kiss to her audience and gushed about how much she adored her hubby.

There’s really no end to what can be accomplished when a gal picks up a pink sledgehammer.