LCD Soundsystem Battle Back, Leak This Is Happening Themselves


“Just let me put it out when I want to put it out,” James Murphy pleaded the other night at Webster Hall, begging the audience not to leak the forthcoming LCD Soundsystem record. “Have a heart,” he said. But the damage was already done — This Is Happening had slipped out onto the internet hours before the show even began, and like that, the sheltered buildup to the record’s May 17th formal release was officially over. But let it never be said Murphy doesn’t know how to roll with the punches. A high quality stream of This Is Happening just popped up on the LCD webpage, accompanied by an accusatory iTunes link and sans any further commentary. It’s fantastic, but be gentle, music buying public — record sales do still matter as far as keeping guys like Murphy doing what they’re doing. Consider the alternative.

[LCD Soundsystem]