The Farming Empire Strikes Back


When folks hear “Humane Society,” they think dogs, cats, and pet shelters. But as our sister newspaper in St. Louis, the Riverfront Times, shows this week, the Humane Society has actually been involved in a steady campaign to change the way farmers raise animals.

And in places like Florida, Arizona, and California, the organization has had several big political victories, getting laws passed to fight farming practices that hold animals in tight confinement and other issues.

With those victories in hand, the Humane Society is now targeting the heart of the country’s livestock industry: Ohio.

But now, farmers are fighting back at what they perceive to be an attack on their livelihood.

Kristen Hinman’s feature shows how farmers, through the blog and lobbying, are trying to stop the Humane Society.

It’s a battle for what’s on your dinner plate and how it gets there. We heartily recommend that you give it a read.