Trinidadian Potato Pie at R&A West Indian Products


“Best Potato Pie in Brooklyn” proclaimed a colorful hand-written sign outside the storefront on Nostrand Avenue in Crown Heights.

The shop is small and smells of incense; Rastafari art and bottles of essential oils line the shelves. The owner, a lanky guy with a green knit cap covering his dreads, came in from outside where he was enjoying the sun.

“You looking for something special?” Yes, a potato pie. He produced a pocket of fried dough, and spooned a mixture of mashed potato and chickpeas inside. “Do you like it spicy?” Definitely! He spooned on some mango chutney and Scotch bonnet chile sauce.

Potato (or aloo) pie is a Trinidadian street food similar to a double, with spiced potatoes stuffed into what looks like a deep-fried puffy pita. A potato pie doesn’t usually contain chickpeas (although there are chickpea, or channa, pies). But this one seemed to be a hybrid.

“In Trinidad,” the man said, as he handed over the bundle, “the food is so good, you can eat something different everyday.”

The chickpea and potato mash is peppery and sweet, a delicious play between the chutney and the hot sauce. And for $2, it’s a feast.

814 Nostrand Avenue, Brooklyn