Video: The iPad’s iCat Revolution


Big News! Jen and I just managed to hornswoggle our overlord into letting us expense an iPad. We have big plans for it.

First, some kind of baptism ceremony. Then, a naming. Then: finding new and improved uses for the technology that’s supposed to change the world of media and whatnot. Like dressing it up in costume. And sending interns out into the arteries of our great metropolis to look at naked pictures of Ashley Dupre in whimsical places, like the L-Train, or the top of Rockefeller Center. Who knows?! We’re excited. To celebrate, here is the most revolutionary use of an iPad thus far committed to video, Via cNet’s Caroline McCarthy.

You think babies are impressive? Babies ain’t shit. Some mad genius/typical cat owner got the idea to let their cat — their presumably non-feral, screechless cat — get its paws on it/torture their cat with yet another fickle human amusement. The results are, of course, completely hypnotizing:

What’s significant about this video is that it likely accurately reflects everyone’s reaction to their first iPad experience. Forget the fact that it’s going to be The Gamechanger for the way we take in media, or that it doesn’t have a camera, or that it can’t connect to the Internet, or whatever people are saying about it now. The point here is that IT IS AMAZING and we are going to have SO MUCH FUN with it. Like this cat.