Your Morning Links 04/14/2010


Wednesday is, as our mom always told us, “Hump Day,” which means only two more days until the weekend … Woot. In the meantime, here’s what you should know for today:

• Speaking of moms, childbirth will probably not kill you. Dealing with your child may.

• Sad news in China: A 7.1 magnitude earthquake struck in the Qinghai Province this morning, killing at least 400, injuring 10,000, and leaving many buried under the debris. Searchers are looking for 20 children buried in the wreckage of a school, and 50 or more buried in an office building collapse. In the county seat, Jeigu, 90 percent of homes have collapsed. Are we having more earthquakes these days? It certainly seems like it. The Washington Post, however, says no.

• A water main break is flooding parts of Queens.

Bowery Boogie has pictures of the aftermath of the Chinatown fire, now being called the worst since the Deutsche Bank blaze in 2007. The buildings at 283, 285, and 287 Grand Street are all expected to be razed in the coming days. Fire marshals are still investigating its cause.

• Obama endorses Carolyn Maloney.

Bus drivers lie about sick days, too!

• Bloomberg is popular. But not, like, president popular, a new Marist poll says. While New Yorkers voted Bloomberg “the city’s best mayor in three decades,” 71 percent said they didn’t want him to run the country.

• You won’t believe this one: Charlie Sheen hanging with escorts? That family man?

• The Yankees win against the Angels, and all is right with the world. For now.