Daniel Koch, Famed Manhattan Day Party Host, Sued by Jeremy Piven’s Ex-Girlfriend


Another day, another story about sexual harassment in the New York Post. But this one stands out a little.

For the uninitiated: Right now, in Manhattan, as you live in New York, there are “day parties.” Essentially, if you walk into a few restaurants in New York when everyone else is at brunch, you’ll noticed something slightly off about said “day party” destinations: an inordinate number of Europeans, an inordinate number of people dancing on tables, champagne magnums with sparklers flying out of them, and other levels of absurdity you didn’t think could be reached before 2 p.m. on a Saturday. And one half of Manhattan’s most famous day-partying duo just got slapped with a harassment lawsuit by a coworker, who happens to be an ex-girlfriend of Jeremy Piven.

The accused is Daniel Koch, twin brother of Derek. The Koch brothers have been running day parties in Manhattan and the Hamptons for quite some time, now, at pretty famous venues: Merkato 55, Le Bilboquet, and Le Charlot. Among Manhattan’s moneyed nightlife set, they are famous, popular, and well-liked, so expect to see some kind of public defense for Daniel against this:

“I couldn’t stand going to work anymore because this guy was trying to sleep with me,” blond bombshell Ashley Chontos, 24, told the Post yesterday about manager Daniel Koch at Jour et Nuit on West 58th Street. She started working as a waitress at the restaurant in 2007 and soon began a relationship with the 28-year-old Koch. After she ended the affair in January 2008, she said, Koch turned into a nightmarish boss and fired her a month later.

It’s probably worth noting that Daniel’s come a long way since January 2008, when this all supposedly went down, as they’ve established a significant nightlife career in New York since then. Full Disclosure: I interviewed the Koch Brothers for BlackBook in September 2009, and from what I understand, they’ve come quite a long way since then. The two brothers moved here from the midwest as former college wrestlers, and are a pretty typical scrappy New York success story. It’d be quite sad if Daniel threw it away on the way up.

Koch declined comment to the Post. We’ve reached out to him for comment as well, we’ll update if we hear anything.