Facebook Friends: To Confirm or Deny?


I already have over 600 “friends” on Facebook and I probably really know only about 75 of them.

The rest seemed cute, creative, or needy enough to garner my love–and some of them were clever enough to say stuff like “Adore your work” or “Worship your straw goose and fake flowers.”


But might it not be better to only confirm those you truly know?

Why even have cyber friends that are strange fruit from out of left field in some dark alley in the middle of nowheresville?

Does it really embolden us to have hundreds upon hundreds of ambiguous people in space claiming to be on our team?

I don’t recommend approving everyone you know, mind you.

I was amazed that the second I joined, certain people from my past came out from under rocks to “friend” me–the very same ones I’d been running from for years!