Marc Jacobs to Open Bookstore in Biography’s Old Digs. Residents Not Pleased, Duh.


It’s 3:40, have you found something to bitch about today? No?! Well how about this: Marc Jacobs bought out beloved West Village bookstore Biography Book Shop to build… another bookstore. A better bookstore. A Marc Jacobs bookstore. Racked reports that the designer’s new outpost, his sixth acquisition in the area, will be the first to sidestep the standard protocol of $5 key chains and $400 everything else.

The storefront at 240 Bleecker has stood empty and seemingly untouched since Biography Book Shop moved down the street. This week, however, a sign of life: A glimmering gold leaf window decal appeared that reads simply, “A bookstore will be opening here Winter 2010.” No mention of Jacobs’s affiliation.

Vanishing New York surmises that the secretive nature of the store may be part of a trend of “un-branding” — a la Starbucks’ sketchy plan to build faux neighborhood coffee shops that are actually the international chain in disguise. Thus far the bookstore appears way less sinister: Biography’s old shelving is even intact.’s Meenal Mistry Tweeted on Sunday that the store may be called Book Marc, which kind of undoes that whole subtlety thing. Ugh, we totally preferred the scraggly, ghost white, drug addict Marc over this shiny new one with his shit together enough for side projects.