Watch Thurston Moore Make Noise Music With Tiny Children


OK, we take it all back–this is cutest, most awesome free improv set ever. Just look at the tiny children tottering around, pressing buttons, turning knobs, and manhandling guitars! Some of them can’t even properly stand up yet! The looming spectre of aging yuppie bad-parent hipsterism passed over this gathering like the angel of death over Israelite firstborns in Egypt and kept right on moving. If you have a child and did not avail yourself of this seminar, SOTC thinks you made a mistake. If only because you missed Thurston Moore’s incredibly calm and even blasé demeanor in the midst of a bunch of eight-year-olds creating power electronic noise jams. Dude is officially unshockable–like, what would you have to do to throw him out of his comfort zone? Murder someone in front of him? Break a rare John Fahey record in half as he watched helplessly? [24Bit]