Where Am I Eating? Liman, a Turkish Seafood Restaurant in Sheepshead Bay


Begin by asking yourself, “What is this edible crucifix composed of?”

Further Update: The contest was won by Joe MacBu a little after midnight today, check out his answer on the original contest page.

Joe, congratulations! That was a difficult one. Please claim your cookbook by sending a mailing address to

I haven’t really been doing a very good job with these contests lately–the last couple were solved by Fork in the Road readers within 15 minutes or so. So this time I’m being a little cagier. Can you identify the foodstuff in the picture? And the condiment? If so, then you can probably figure out the restaurant.

Please put your answers in the Comments section below. Prize will be a cookbook from our stash. And this week, one further stipulation: The winner should be someone who hasn’t won a cookbook yet. You know who you are!

[So far, we’ve had a couple of good guesses, with sweet dee identifying the items as fried mussels. The picture, indeed, shows a pair of fried mussel kebabs.]

Next: A pair of additional clues, and one new picture.

Another seagoing specialty of the restaurant.

Clue #1: The sauce in the upper lefthand corner of the first picture is mainly yogurt.

Clue #2: The restaurant is located in Brooklyn.

Good luck! Once again, please put your responses in the Comments section.