An Apple Seed is Planted in Brooklyn


An Apple Store Grows in Brooklyn from Marty Markowitz on Vimeo.

Brooklyn borough president Marty Markowitz really wants to see Apple set up camp in Brooklyn. What with this being the epicenter of Mac worship and all, Marty thought it would be a swell idea to pitch the idea to Steve Jobs via this ridiculously campy video skit he created with his hip secretary (probably a Mac user) and sent from his brand new iPad. Because who wants to trek all the way to one of Manhattan’s four Apple locations — they’re so far, so Manhattany. We Brooklynites would really prefer to drop a couple grand without crossing the East River.

And, of course, the proposed “ultimate prototype store” should fit nicely in between our sparkly new Barney’s Co-op (coming September ’10), Urban Outfitters, and the sexiest Trader Joe’s outpost maybe ever. Because as Marty so kindly explains to Jobs’s public inbox, “In the creative world, there’s no place hotter than Brooklyn, U.S.A. Just like ‘Apple,’ Brooklyn is now an international ‘brand,’ signifying the coolest place on earth.” So it’s about time we get a goddam plexiglass cube leading into an Appley underground lair. Kthnxby.