Fat Pants Fridays: First Prize Pie’s Peanut Butter Pretzel Pie


Peanut butter and chocolate would probably taste good together even if they were smeared across the sole of a work boot, and as such are something of a Fat Pants Friday obsession. It’s hard to think of much that could improve on the combination, so we’re thankful that Allison Kave has tried — and succeeded. The founder of First Prize Pies, Kave has concocted a peanut butter-chocolate-pretzel pie, and as a bonus to wandering gluttons, made it available in miniature format.

Unlike a lot of peanut butter pies that go too heavy on the sugar and sacrifice actual peanut butter flavor, Kave’s is a proudly peanut buttery affair. The lush filling is crowned by a hardened puddle of semi-sweet chocolate and a scattering of pretzels, and underpinned by a delicate graham cracker crust ingeniously shot through with ground-up pretzels. Taken together, the components achieve the sweet-salty Platonic ideal.

Because the pie is only 4 inches in diameter (though also available in 9-inch format), it’s possible to swallow it down in three bites and then greedily look for seconds. But its current limited availability (pies can be ordered on the First Prize site and are sold on Saturdays at Roni-Sue’s Chocolates) means that it comes with built-in portion control, making it rate only a pair of relaxed fit jeans on the Fat Pants scale.

Of course, that may soon change — Kave will soon start selling her pies at the Hester Street Fair and is already selling them at the God Buns Sunday market next door to Fatty ‘Cue — but in the meantime, a few bites of pie makes an excellent and surprisingly restrained way to celebrate the onset of the weekend.

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