Holy Crap! Zac Posen’s 24-hr Shopping Extravaganza With Maggie Gyllenhaal and Parker Posey


“It’s a dream!” Zac Posen excitedly said about his new Target line launch party last night, which kicked off the 24-hour shopping event — going on until 11 p.m. tonight — at a pop-up store in the New Yorker building.

And indeed it did feel like a dream as we — Voice fashion ambassadors Angela Ashman, Stacey Anderson and I — walked past the red carpet and into the club-lit, masquerade-themed lobby, where the gorgeous tuxedoed staff doled out fruity alcoholic beverages, finger foods, and candy beneath cascades of flowers and pink balloons galore. In a booth overhead, DJ Kid America spun a cool ’50s rock meets The Strokes soundtrack in between live performances on stage by girl group The Like. But would the clothes live up to the hype?

For weeks the anticipation of Posen’s Target line mounted with the announcement of the pop-up shop (the line won’t be available in stores until April 25), and as we’ve learned from previous high-end designer/Target hook-ups, like Alexander McQueen and Rodarte, once these lines sell out, you’re shit out of luck (unless you’re willing to fork over double, sometimes triple, the market value on eBay).

Surprisingly, when we arrived at 8 p.m. (the 24-hour spree officially opened to the public at 11 p.m.) we were expecting to find a line wrapped around the block filled with eager consumers. However, all we found was a lone woman calmly reading a book.

After days of reviewing Posen’s look book, and thanks to the adorable Gia Coppola video clip featuring the garments, we had our desired items in mind — because we’ve learned that shopping while intoxicated only makes for a sloppy scene and next-day regrets. Once we hit the clothing racks, several sizes (mostly the mediums) were already gone while other styles went seemingly untouched.

We asked Parker Posey, who was wearing the Zac Tee in Tie-Dye Print ($19.99) and the Tuxedo Skirt in Black ($39.99), while she ordered four glasses of champagne, how she decided on that particular outfit for the evening. “I looked at the catalog, checked off what I liked, and this was what fit,” she said.

While some of Posen’s celeb gal pals, such as Maggie Gyllenhaal, Olivia Palermo, and Ginnifer Goodwin, weren’t wearing the Target line, others, including Claire Danes, Selma Blair, and Mena Suvari were.

So, what were the hits and misses of the night? Judging by the empty racks, the Snap Tape Dress in Blue ($69.99) was definitely a hit, while the Gown in Safety-Pin Print ($69.99), which Danes wore last night, didn’t do so well (perhaps because the dress was way too long for the average five-foot-four woman, even with heels).

We’re hoping one of Anna Wintour’s minions took notes last night because her next Fashion’s Night Out could learn a thing or two from Posen on how to really throw a party.