Park Slope Food Coop Slams Barney’s Co-op; Restaurants Debut Spring Menus


The Park Slope Food Coop has denounced Barneys Co-op, whose new Atlantic Avenue location will open later this year, for illegally coopting the word “co-op” — and one lawyer says the Coop might actually have a case. [Brooklyn Paper]

Restaurants are launching their spring menus, featuring lighter fare and seasonal fruits and vegetables, as well as taking advantage of a recent drop in seafood prices. [Nation’s Restaurant News]

The number of infections from a dangerous string of E. coli fell significantly last year, but food-poisoning rates overall have been the same since 2004. [Wall Street Journal]

Danone is pulling two health claim applications to the European Food Safety Authority for its Activia and Actimel products, which it claims improve digestion and boost immunity. [Wall Street Journal]

A new study reveals that women who have a carb-heavy diet are at a greater risk for heart disease. The same effect, however, was not seen in men. [BusinessWeek]