Posts of the Week


It is Friday afternoon. And thus time for a look back at the best posts of the past week:

Tabla’s Floyd Cardoz talked about misconceptions about Indian food, the state of Indian restaurants in America, and culture shock in the kitchen.

We ranked Our 10 Most Overrated Restaurants.

Anita Lo’s Annisa has finally re-opened. Here’s the Early Word.

Battle of the Dishes pits Momofuku’s cereal milk again Tastyfood’s cereal milk.

Otarian’s Radhika Oswal wants us to eat low-carbon food despite her own apparently high-carbon footprint.

Milk & Honey’s Mickey McIlroy talks bad customers, anti-social bartenders, and where the vodka’s hiding at his bar.

Here’s a catalog of the dishes at Michael Huynh’s new D.O.B. 111.

Here We Go, Happy Hour visits Washington Commons in Prospect Heights.

G-U-T-B-O-M-B is spelled by Caputo Bakery’s lard bread.

Radiolab’s Jad Abumrad talked about Lebanese food, Sour Patch kids, and why he wishes he could eat like the Jetsons.

Here’s the Early Word on the peel noodle proliferation at 8th Avenue Noodles.

Hot dogs are the new foie gras.

Greek wines are no longer a tragedy: here’s five that prove it.

Here’s a field report from Pizza a Casa’s first class.

The KFC Double Down: I ate it and lived!