SOS: Koala Kidnapped by NPR


Please save this koala, recently taken Patty Hearst-style by Claire O’Neill at NPR’s The Picture Show. It’s currently being lulled to a state of near-coma with back-to-back episodes of Car Talk, but soon, if nothing is done, it will begin to adulate Garrison Keillor and wear trench coats and tweed and tell meandering stories permeated with local color to all the koala kin.

If fact, we already see a resemblance.

Koala, escape and come to the Voice! We will get you hopped up on eucalyptus and let you use the f-bomb.

(And NPR, although we can’t condone you stealing this helpless animal and recruiting it for dark purposes, we do have to give you cuteness-awareness props. For it, not Garrison.)

Also, in adorable animals not in trouble but instead turning the tables on peeping tom interlopers, here’s a video of an octopus stealing a camera away from an underwater photographer!