Stephen Colbert Invented a New Williamsburg Band Called “I Didn’t Fill Out My Census”


Much mirth and hilarity has been shared in the aftermath of NPR’s recent brilliant story about Williamsburg’s pathetically low 36% census return rate. But the award for best joke of this particular news cycle has to go to Stephen Colbert–who else?–who devoted an entire segment of his show to Williamsburg hipsters last night. “I have never been a fan of hipsters,” Colbert began, befor putting the numbers in perspective. The 36% of Williamsburg that did manage to fill out their census form? “That is less than the number of Williamsburg residents who have tattoos of mermaids with TVs for heads.” Which: probably true! But the coup de grâce came when Colbert noticed a hipster in his own studio audience:

“What does your t-shirt say?” Colbert asks.

“‘I Filled Out the Census,'” the hipster responds.

“Did you really fill out the census?”

“No, I’m in a band called ‘I Filled Out the Census.'”

“That,” Colbert tells him, “is the worst bandname ever.”

And it is, though we wouldn’t put it past someone in Williamsburg to be forming that band right now.

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