Tea Partiers Have Rappers Too


Rule number one for your rally: have a rapper. Have two even. Doesn’t even matter what your rally is for. Anti-death penalty? Sure. Indigenous workers’ rights? Definitely. Pirate radio? Have ’em spit on air. Old white person tax protest? You know it, bro! Why rappers are the universal currency at angry rallies is pretty obvious–because they use audible words! And because there is nothing more sincere and angst-ridden than a failed rapper, they are extremely easy to procure on short notice. Just wind them up and voila:

“No taxation without representation! The Tea Party movement is sweeping the nation!” Sure! “Why does the liberal media try to curse us/And label us ‘birthers’ and ‘astro-turfers?'” Don’t know, man! This particular clip was shot onsite at yesterday’s Tax Day Tea Party at the base of the Washington monument; watch as the patriots in the crowd try to come to terms with their cornfed rapper friend and his flag-waving hypeman. Just another step in the struggle towards freedom, right Billy Corgan? [h/t Wonkette]