Video: Chan-Ho Park Apparently Lost Some Kind of Bet In the Clubhouse


Via The Atlantic‘s Andrew Sullivan, Yankees pitcher Chan-Ho Park is either completely hysterical, or completely humorless, or lost some kind of ridiculous clubhouse bet. This will go on the Yankees internal year-end best plays rolls.

Apparently, this video was taken on April 9, after the Yankees first game, which they lost. Since then, somehow, well… I mean: Andrew Sullivan got ahold of it. Anywhere, here’s Chan-Ho Park talking about his bowel movements:

Sorry, but… so necessary:

  • Hopefully, the team won’t spring as many leaks this season.
  • Chan-Ho needs to put his ass in “Park.”
  • He should probably work on “throwing” more sinkers.
  • The Terrible State of Things: All these baseball players, trying to get away with all this shit.
  • Honestly, we always knew he had a weak slider.

Etc, etc.