Bernie Kerik, the Next Lil Wayne, Blogging Before Prison


In the least likely to have a blog category, you might put rapper Lil Wayne, who is currently serving a year at Riker’s Island after pleading guilty to gun charges. And yet Weezy Thanx You is thriving, the latest entry being a think piece on the Eagles trading quarterback Donovan McNabb. (The site also features a countdown timer until Wayne is released.)

Elsewhere in unlikely bloggers, Rudy Giuliani’s jail-bound bff Bernard Kerik, the former Police Commissioner of New York and secretary of the Department of Homeland Security nominee, has set up shop at First of all, why does this exist? Secondly, couldn’t somebody get this guy a Tumblr?

Talking Points Memo caught up with the former interim interior minister of Iraq, scheduled to start a four-year sentence for tax fraud next month, and though he didn’t discuss his outdated blogging platform, he was able to define his beat: “It’s all national security and terrorism stuff related to some of the threats we face, things that I think we should be looking at,” said Kerik.

Kerik’s bio calls him “one of the most accomplished law enforcement executives in the United States,” though his web design skills leave something to be desired. His online presence, though, is out in full force:

Kerik recently tweeted the Web address of the new blog, and he’s been active in recent weeks on Facebook and Flickr, where his BernardKerik2001 account features newly uploaded pictures of the Sept. 11 attacks, Kerik rallying police Ground Zero, and Kerik being introduced by President George W. Bush at the White House in 2004 before his nomination to lead the Department of Homeland Security foundered amid charges that he hired an illegal immigrant nanny.

All in all, it’s a pretty impressive preemptive PR strike. The man hasn’t even served any time yet and he’s already building a viral redemption campaign. Someone should’ve got Spitzer on ChatRoulette a long time ago.

Lil Wayne has a Twitter account, too, but it’s been largely dormant since he got locked up. Kerik, when asked if he’d continue blogging from jail, told TPM he has “no clue.” More importantly, what does he think of the Redskins’ chances this year?