Alec Baldwin, the NYU Interview: On Political Run Potential and Mamoun’s Falafel


Seminal New York 30 Rock actor Alec Baldwin’s apparently speaking at NYU’s graduation. Hopefully it’ll be like that time he screamed on the cell phone to his daughter, because, I mean, doesn’t it feel like that kind of mildly terrifying Mamet-esque outrage could benefit the outgoing NYU class of 2010 quite well as they make their way out into the volcanic ash-strewn, economically challenged, awful, terrible world outside of NYU? It does.

Anyway, some terrified NYU student, Surekha Ratnatunga, interviewed Baldwin for NYU Local, and when she wasn’t dying from nerves, she picked up two tasty tidbits: Baldwin’s NYU DrunkMunchie spot, and his political maybe-ambitions.

Every student who goes to NYU has their spot they go to get their DrunkMunchie on: Yaffa, Plump Dumpling, anywhere on St. Mark’s that won’t throw your ass out upon entry for reeking worse than any of the local drunks who’ve populated the neighboring bars for the last 20 years regardless of the NYU chaos emerging around them, etc. Where’d Baldwin go?

SR: Did you have a favorite Greenwich Village bar?

AB: Everything I did back then was what other people showed me. We’d go to Mamouns Falafel.

Ah, yes, a Falafel man. Baldwin no doubt understands the spice of (3 a.m. post-puke rally) life tastes like chickpeas. Also, because it’s an NYU student, and he’s speaking at NYU, she has to ask him the ridiculous question about celebrity political aspiration. But Baldwin kinda, maybe takes the bait:

SR: You’ve said in the past that you’re not currently planning to run for public office, but you also rightly said that your degree from NYU wouldn’t preclude you from one day doing so. Is that day looming? Can I start wearing “Baldwin 2012″ badges?

AB: [Laughs] Well, I wouldn’t rule that out, but that’s a very complicated thing now, in New York especially.

SR: So, you’d want to run in New York?

AB: I don’t know. Yeah, probably — this is my home — but there is a lot of entitlement in the New York political world. There are a lot of people who naturally assume, because they’ve had one job that they’ve held on to for certain number of years, that they are qualified for the next job. As I’ve often said, there are a lot of planes on the runway.

To be fair, for better or worse, a degree from NYU doesn’t often preclude many from doing anything, ever. But with Spitzer on the rise and Paterson still being in office and faceslashers running for office and oh, Christ, it’s New York, he’ll be writing the budget in five years. Just remember when this ridiculousness actually goes down that like so many other things in New York, we have NYU to blame.