Apocalypse Chow: Slim Chips, a Snack Food Made Out of Flavored Paper


Here’s something else to file under Food Products That Should Not Exist, Yet Could: in observance of Milan Design Week, some people in Iceland and Italy have concocted snack food made out of paper.

The Icelandic-Italian design firm Hafsteinn Juliussuon have come up with Slim Chips, a no-calorie product made from “organic tastes” and edible paper. “Instead of getting fat you can now eat paper with different flavors,” the ad copy promises. “It’s like eating tasty air.” With a come-on like that, who could possibly resist? Certainly not the two bespectacled, niche-marketed types shown shoveling wads of peppermint-, sweet potato- and blueberry-flavored paper down their gullets.

As a design project, Slim Chips provide some rather ingenious commentary on society’s twin obsessions with diet and snack food. Hopefully, no one will take them seriously enough to actually manufacture the things. Should they actually do so, we’d like to believe there’s a special ring of hell reserved for the people who will market them, its fires fueled by bags of of their signature product.

[Via Eat Me Daily]

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