B&H Dairy Loses Its Awesome Sign


Among the numerous virtues to be found at B&H Dairy — its egg creams, vegetable soup, and buttered challah are but a few — is its wonderful, slightly homey old sign with its wonky ampersand and blue, yellow, and pink hues. Or at least, the sign was one of the lunch counter’s virtues: over the weekend, it disappeared. EV Grieve has photos of the storefront, which sports a new awning, fresh coat of paint, and otherwise naked facade. We called B&H to learn more of the sign’s fate, but got only a somewhat befuddled, non-committal response to our question. With any luck, the sign will return, but if not, this is possibly the worst news in cool old restaurant signage to hit the East Village and Lower East Side since Gertel’s disappeared from Hester Street almost three years ago.