Freddy’s Fight Comes to an End: The Bar Will Close May 1st, BUT Will Relocate to New Space This Summer


Following a fake eviction notice from its landlord last month, Freddy’s Backroom & Bar is now really and truly being kicked out of its Dean Street space at the end of the month. Freddy’s will open its doors in Prospect Heights for the last time on April 30th May 1st (with a victory party being held April 30), but manager Donald O’Finn promises that the bar is not dead: it’s moving to new digs on Fourth Avenue and Union Street.

“Freddy’s has been the culmination of everything I am and that I always wanted in a bar,” says O’Finn, who helped lead the effort to stop Bruce Ratner’s development project in order to save his bar, as well as his neighbors’ homes and businesses. “We made a lot of progress in the fight against eminent domain and did a lot of harm to The Atlantic Yards Project… And we are proud of that.”

Freddy’s Next Bar will aim to keep all the original bar’s employees. In order to secure the new space (“with a landlord who is not a billionaire”), the move will be completed quickly, leaving no time for a final “Chains of Justice” protest in which regulars chain themselves to the bar. The new location is expected to open in two or three months.

“I hope for as smooth and as short of a transition between bars as possible,” adds O’Finn. “No one on my staff can afford to be out of work. I consider it a tragic opportunity, but an opportunity no less.”

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