Is Larry King Actually Sexy?


I never thought of Larry King as that much of a hottie before, but with all the gossip hitting the tabs, he turns out to be the biggest Hollywood player since George Hamilton!

The suspendered crypt keeper-lookalike is actually a raging ladies man who allegedly cheated on wifey with her younger sister, Shannon Engeman (though Shannon vehemently denies it. Wouldn’t you?)

He’s on fire!

Let’s be kind and try to imagine what’s so ultra sizzling about this man.

He definitely projects wisdom and maturity, and he’s so unflappable he barely flinched when Carrie Prejean walked off his show in a huff.

He may not know all the answers, but he definitely knows all the questions.

And he’s really rich.

But is it possible that Engeman didn’t want to fuck Larry so much as fuck with her sister?