MGMT Chat With Pitchfork About Their Mystifying Congratulations: “A Lot Of People Are Calling It Stupid. But ‘Brave’ Is Cool With Me.”


Friend-of-SOTC Ryan Dombal has an excellent chat with everyone’s favorite deranged psych-rock provocateurs. The record actually makes a lot more sense (alright, a little more sense) when they talk about it:

Pitchfork: When you listen to “Flash Delirium” and watch the video, it’s easy to think, “These guys are on drugs and just doing whatever the fuck they want to do.” But reading the lyrics to that song, it struck me as quasi-political.

AV: It’s not like we wanted to get really political in terms of specific causes, but I think a lot of the lyrics deal with paranoia and feeling like “the man” is in control somehow. There was this large group of people that we were talking about on the first album– “The Youth”– but we didn’t really know what to tell them. We still don’t know what to tell them, but we want to make it seem like maybe there’s something we know that they want to know, too.

BG: [laughs] You don’t know what we know.

AV: And we don’t know, either– but don’t tell them that. [laughs]

Pitchfork: “Flash Delirium” reads true to me because its musical twists act as mirror to this ridiculous, sped-up society that we happen to be a part of right now.

BG: We’re really into combining lots of different styles into one song, that’s normal for us. It might seem arbitrary, but we listen to a lot music that does that. We didn’t realize how weird people would think it was. We just wanted to write a song with three different choruses instead of repeating the same chorus over and over again.

There’s also some rad stuff about the dudes playing it for Columbia Records for the first time: They weren’t completely terrified, apparently, which is kind of terrifying in and of itself, no?